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C-109 Modification Manual - p.18 Drawing List

C-109 Modification Manual - p.18 Drawing List

C-109 Modification Manual - p.18 Drawing List

Many thanks to Paul Stahl Jr, for sending us this modification manual for the C-109 fuel transport, an modified verison of the B-24 bomber. His father, Paul Stahl Sr, was the project engineer for the C-109.

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Page 18 - Section 6 - Drawings Released on C-10 Aircraft

(Tubing Installation)
109-M13-P1000(Sheet 1) Tubing Inst. Fuel Cells
109-M13-P1000(Sheet 2) Tubing Inst. Fuel Cells
109-M13-P1000(Sheet 3) Tubing Inst. Fuel Cells
109-M13-P1001Tubing Chart Fuel System
109-M13-P1003Tube Fuel Vent
109-M13-P1004Bracket Forward Valve Mounting
109-M13-P1005Bracket Aft Valve Mounting
109-M13-P1006Bracket Forward Fuel Vent Coupling Support
109-M13-P1007Bracket Vent Coupling Support Fuel System
109-M13-P1008Angle Forward Coupling Support
109-M13-P1009Angle Coupling Support
109-M13-P1010Angle Coupling Support
109-M13-P1011Angle Rear Coupling Support
109-M13-P1012Clip Line Support
109-M13-P1013Clamp Valve Support
109-M13-P1014Diagram Fuel System
109-M13-P1015Bag Droppable Fuel Tank Outlet Fittings, Stowage
109-M13-P1016Bracket Vent Coupling Support Fuel System
(Nose Tank Installation)
109-M13-P2000Tank Inst. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2001Support Assy. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2002Channel Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2003Bracket Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2004Bracket Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2005Angle Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2006Strap Assy. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2007Lug Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2008Cradle Assy. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2009Cradle Assy. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2010Strap Assy. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2011Strap Assy. Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2012Filler Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2013Filler Nose Fuel Tank
109-M13-P2014Angle Nose Fuel Tank Support
5162455Tank Assembly, Non-Metallic
(Deviation Details of Tank Construction)
109-M13-P5001Deviation Details of Tank Construction
109-M13-P5002Deviation Details of Tank Construction
(Decals for Tanker Project)
109-M13-P6003Decals for Tanker Project

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